Why consider conducting research as a principal investigator?

  • To be on the cutting edge of new treatment and technologies.
  • To help your patients with no options or those that are not responding well to current treatment.
  • To supplement your income and add an additional revenue stream to your income or private practice.

Facts about industry sponsored research

  • 85% of the research is industry sponsored.
  • Industry sponsored research is unaffected by NIH budget cuts.
  • It is profit driven.
  • Budgets are negotiable.

Bottom line

Conducting research provides physicians with an additional revenue stream as principal investigators and also offers patients access to treatment options that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Become a Principal Investigator

Although the PI is ultimately responsible for the overall conduct of the study, he/she delegates most of the tasks to qualified study research staff.

The PI oversees the studies to ensure that GCP guidelines are met and that the protocol is being adhered to in conducting clinical trial procedures.

EDM Clinical Trials research staff streamlines everything for the PI and takes care of all study paperwork so that the PI can focus on providing oversight.